Mikhail Alekseevich Kulikovskii

Kulikovskii, Mikhail Alekseevich


Born Nov. 2 (15), 1906, in St. Petersburg. Soviet Russian actor and stage director. People’s Artist of the USSR (1975). Member of the CPSU since 1940.

Kulikovskii graduated from the studio of the Leningrad Academic Theater of Drama in 1927. He appeared in theaters in Kursk, Petrozavodsk, Leningrad, Taganrog, Orenburg (1941–53), and Irkutsk, becoming principal stage director at the Krasnodar Gorky Drama Theater in 1960. His roles have included Ognev in Korneichuk’s The Front, Protasov in L. N. Tolstoy’s The Living Corpse, Arbenin in Lermontov’s Masquerade (which he also directed), and the title role in Kedrin’s Rembrandt.

Kulikovskii’s productions have included Gorky’s The Old Man (1946, 1972), The Unforgettable Years (based on the plays of N. F. Pogodin, 1969), Beaumarchais’s The Marriage of Figaro (1974), German’s The Prize (1976), Energetic People (based on works by Shukshin, 1976), and Goethe’s Faust (1977).

Kulikovskii has been awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and various medals.

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