Mikhail Alekseevich Voronov

Voronov, Mikhail Alekseevich


Born Sept. 5 (17), 1840, in Saratov; died Jan. 19 (31), 1873, in Moscow. Russian writer.

Voronov graduated from the Saratov Gymnasium, where he had been N. G. Chernyshevskii’s student. He then studied at Kazan and Moscow universities. During the years 1858-60 he was Chernyshevskii’s personal secretary. Voronov was first published in 1861 with the novella My Childhood, which depicted his teacher. Voronov’s short stories and sketches were devoted to life in the capital and in the provinces. As a democratic writer, Voronov showed the life of the common people and their psychology.


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