Mikhail Budnikov

Budnikov, Mikhail Sergeevich


Born May 23 (June 5), 1904, in Kiev; died Mar. 4, 1966, in Kiev. Soviet scientist in the field of structural production technology and organization of construction, doctor of technical sciences (1952), professor (1952), and Honored Worker in Science and Technology of the Ukrainian SSR (1964). Budnikov graduated from the Kiev Polytechnical Institute in 1927. His major work concerned the theory and practice of organizing flow construction. He was awarded four orders, as well as medals.


Potochnoe stroitel’stvo poselkov. Kiev, 1949.
Osnovy potochnogo stroitel’stva. Kiev, 1961. (Coauthor.)
Tekhnologiia i organizatsiia vozvedeniia zdanii i sooruzhenii. Kiev, 1964. (With A. P. Oboznyi.)