Mikhail Doroshenko

Doroshenko, Mikhail


Died 1628. Hetman of the registered cossacks of the Ukraine from 1625 to 1628.

In 1621, Doroshenko commanded a regiment against the Turks at the battle of Khotinskaia krepost’. His policy toward the Polish government was one of cooperation. Elected hetman by a reactionary group of cossacks during a revolt of cossacks and peasants against the Polish feudal lords, he signed the so-called Kurukovo Treaty (1625) with the commander of the Polish army, S. Koniecpolski. In fulfillment of a treaty made in 1624 by the Zaporozh’e Sech’ with the Crimean khan for mutual support, Doroshenko organized a campaign to the Crimea to aid the khan, Magmet-Girei, and the Kancha (heir apparent), Shagin-Girei, who were struggling with a pro-Turkish faction. There he was killed in a battle with Tatars hostile to Magmet-Girei.


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