Mikhail Khvostov

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Khvostov, Mikhail Mikhailovich


Born Oct. 14 (26), 1872, in Kerch’; died Feb. 25, 1920. Russian historian of antiquity.

Khvostov graduated from the faculty of history and philology of Moscow University in 1895, and from 1895 to 1900 he was a privatdocent at the university. He was a privatdocent at the University of Kazan from 1900 until 1907, when he became a professor. In addition to works on ancient history, especially the economic history of Hellenistic Egypt, Khvostov produced studies dealing with the modern period—for example, The History of the Workers’ Movement in Western Europe in Modern Times (1917).


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The meeting was attended by Piotr Kravchenko (minister of foreign affairs in 1991-1994), Vladimir Senko (1994-1997), Ivan Antonovich (1997-1998), Ural Latypov (1998-2000), Mikhail Khvostov (2000-2003), Sergei Martynov (2003-2012), and current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei.
The Ambassador of Belarus to the US, Mikhail Khvostov, called for all OSCE countries - not just the EU - "to come together as an ad hoc committee for energy producing, transiting and consuming countries to make binding energy security decisions".
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