Mikhail Klodt

Klodt, Mikhail Konstantinovich


(also M. K. Klodt von Jurgensburg). Born Dec. 30, 1832 (Jan. 11, 1833), in St. Petersburg; died there May 16 (29), 1902. Russian painter.

Klodt, the son of engraver K. K. Klodt and nephew of P. K. Klodt, studied under M. N. Vorob’ev at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1851 to 1858. He was a founding member of the Society of Wandering Art Exhibitions (peredvizhniki —a progressive art movement). From 1871 to 1886, Klodt was the head instructor of the landscape class at the Academy of Arts. He painted realistic landscapes of the Russian countryside. His works include Highway in Autumn (1863, Tret’iakov Gallery), On the Plowland (1872, Tret’iakov Gallery), Distant Forest at Noon (1876–78, Tret’iakov Gallery), Landscape With Herd (1869, Russian Museum, Leningrad), and The River Bank (Russian Museum).


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