Mikhail Morozov

Morozov, Mikhail Mikhailovich


Born Feb. 18, 1897, in Moscow; died there May 9, 1952. Soviet literary and theater scholar, educator, and translator.

Morozov studied in the department of philology at Moscow University. He was one of the founders of Soviet Shakespeare studies. Morozov made many contributions to the interpretation of Shakespearean drama; he translated a number of Shakespeare’s plays and devoted special attention to textual analysis. In his Commentaries on the Plays of Shakespeare (1941), Morozov drew on his experience as a textologist and theater scholar. From 1937 to 1947 he headed the workshops on Shakespeare and on foreign theater organized by the All-Union Theatrical Society and served as a consultant to theaters.

Morozov wrote articles on English theater and poetry, as well as on Soviet theater and drama. He taught at Moscow State University, where he became a professor in 1935, and at the State Institute of Theater Arts.


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