Mikhail Nikolaevich Lebedev

Lebedev, Mikhail Nikolaevich


Born Oct. 10 (22), 1877, in the village of Mezhador, now in Sysol’skii Raion, Komi ASSR; died Mar. 5, 1951, in the village of Kortkeros, Komi ASSR. Soviet Komi poet; a founder of Soviet Komi literature. Son of a village clerk.

Before the October Revolution of 1917, Lebedev published several works of prose in Russian and poetry in the Komi language. He hailed the victory of the October Revolution with enthusiasm. The socialist transformation of Komi Krai is depicted in his postrevolutionary verses, poems, and musical comedies (Nastuk, 1928). Lebedev was a popular fabulist and lyric poet, and many of his poems became folk songs. He was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.


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