Mikhail Petrovich Korinfskii

Korinfskii, Mikhail Petrovich


(real surname Varentsov). Born in 1788 in Arzamas, in present-day Gorky Oblast; died July 10 (22), 1851, in Kazan. Russian late classicist architect.

Korinfskii studied at the A. V. Stupin Arzamas School of Painting and under A. N. Voronikhin at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1810-11). In 1812 he organized a school of architecture in Arzamas. Korinfskii taught architecture at the University of Kazan from 1837. His works include Voskresenskii Cathedral in Arzamas (1814-42), Troitskii Cathedral in Simbirsk (1824-41, not preserved), and the library, dissecting room, and observatory at the University of Kazan (1830’s).


Egerev, V. Arkhitektor M. P. Korinfskii. Kazan, 1961.
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