Mikhail Lomonosov

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Mikhail Lomonosov
Михаил Васильевич Ломоносов
BirthplaceDenisovka, Archangelgorod Governorate, Russian Empire
Sphere of science: natural science, chemistry, physics, mineralogy, history, philology, optical devices and others. Lomonosov was also a poet.
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Mikhail Lomonosov


a scientific research vessel belonging to the Naval Hydrophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in Sevastopol’.

The Mikhail Lomonosov was built in 1957 in the city of Rostock in the German Democratic Republic. It is 102.4 m long and 14.4 m wide. It has a draft of 6 m and a displacement of 5,960 tons. The vessel travels at speeds up to 24 km per hour, or 13 knots. There are 17 laboratories on board. As of 1973 the Mikhail Lomonosov had completed 27 expeditions, most of them in the Atlantic Ocean, and had collected data on the ocean waters. The vessel’s 1959 expedition to the Atlantic investigated in detail an equatorial counter-current below the water’s surface.


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We enjoyed Eli Maor's romp through the fascinating history of the 1761 transit of Venus (June issue, page 28), in which he mentions the great Russian scientist Mikhail V. Lomonosov's claim to the discovery of Venus's atmosphere.
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