Mikhail Stepanovich Voronin

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Voronin, Mikhail Stepanovich


Born July 21 (Aug. 2), 1838, in St. Petersburg; died there Feb. 20 (Mar. 5), 1903. Russian botanist-mycologist and phytopathologist; academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1898).

Voronin graduated from the University of St. Petersburg in 1858. He was a student of L. S. Tsenkovskii and A. De Bary and was one of the creators of the ontogenetic method in mycology. He discovered forms of a previously unknown order of exobasidial fungi (1867). Voronin was the author of classical studies on the developmental cycles of several fungi and works on fungus diseases of crops (rust of sunflowers, brown rot of apples, wheat scab, and others). He outlined the developmental cycle of the causative agent of clubroot of cabbage (1874-80) and was one of the discoverers of nodule bacteria on plant roots (1866).


Izbr. proizv. Moscow, 1961. (Contains a list of Voronin’s works and articles published about him.)