Mikhas Zaretskii

Zaretskii, Mikhas’


(pseudonym of Mikhail Efimovich Kosenkov). Born Nov. 20 (Dec. 3), 1901, in the village of Vysokii Gorodets, in present-day Tolochin Raion, Vitebsk Oblast; died July 13, 1941, in Minsk. Soviet Byelorussian writer.

Zaretskii was first published in 1921. He is the author of such collections of stories as In the Thick of Life (1925), Spring Sang (1925), In the Sun (1926), On the Railroad (1928), andSon of His Father (1932) and the novehPaths and Walks (1928) and The Sheaf-binder (1932). The Sheaf-binder was one of the first novels in Byelorussian literature about collectivization.


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