Mikhin, Nikolai

Mikhin, Nikolai Andrianovich


Born July 4 (16), 1872, in Chausy, in present-day Mogilev Oblast; died Nov. 21, 1946, in Moscow. Soviet microbiologist, professor (1919), doctor of veterinary sciences (1936).

In 1896, Mikhin graduated from the Iur’evskii Veterinary Institute. From 1909 to 1919 he studied bacteriology at the St. Petersburg Veterinary Laboratory. He worked abroad. In 1919 he was appointed the first rector of the Moscow Veterinary Institute, subsequently becoming head of its subdepartment of microbiology. Mikhin’s principal works were on bacteriology and immunology. He discovered the causative agent of leptospirosis of cattle and devised methods for preparing a number of vaccines and sera. He wrote the first textbook in the USSR on specific microbiology for veterinary institutes of higher learning.


Kurs chastnoi mikrobiologii dlia veterinarnykh vrachei i studentov. Moscow-Leningrad, 1926.