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a people living in the northern part of the state of Assam in India; population, more than 150,000 (1970, estimate).

The Mikir language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman group. The Mikirs’ social structure, economy, and material and spiritual culture are similar to those of the Naga. Their chief occupation is slash-and-burn farming and, in some areas, terrace farming. Clan and communal-village landownership is partly maintained among the Mikir, although at present family landownership also exists. Marriage and family relations are regulated by laws associated with the division into exogamous clans. The Mikir retain their animistic beliefs.


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"We will not tolerate such political discrimination by the administration of ruling BJP government," APCC vice president Mikir Lollen, genera secretaries Charu Tuglo, Tamchi Tahar and None Tayeng standing nearby said with resentment.
It was followed by many other publications and by 1930s there existed a series of publications in Khasi, Garo, Mikir, Hindi, Lotha, Angami, Manipuri, Lalung, etc.
(60) The field is quickly harvested (lingkas no ngatu) and the rice store (durong), even if superficially full, rapidly exhausted, as if it contained but empty grain (parai ono andi smokot; mikir pun panu durong, lingkas jati makan, macam parai mampa: the rice then will not stick, even if the store seems full we eat it quickly as if the rice grains were merely empty husks).
Analyst Mikir Shah at Fox- Pitt, Kelton said: "They walked away from Prudential already, so there's a little bit of pressure on them to complete this deal.
In terms of strategic change, there wasn't any," Fox-Pitt Kelton analyst Mikir Shah said.
A 30-member team led by Nyasam Jongsam, Tirap team led by senior leader-cum-DCC president Chongkkom Hondik, while APCC vice presidents Thingap Taiju & Mikir Lollen, general secretaries, presidents Kamla Lingi (APMCC), Geli Ete (APYC) & Teli Mello Camdir (NSUI) and Seval Dal chief orgniser Kipa Kaha, among host of party leaders, were present.
Analyst Mikir Shah at Fox-Pitt, Kelton in London: "Given the volatility we've seen on the market, it doesn't surprise me there are rumours they will come in below the range they stated previously."
They have given a very bullish outlook statement and Keith Satchell is not renowned for bullish outlooks,' said Mikir Shah, analyst with FoxPitt, Kelton, which has an 'inline' recommendation on the stock