Miklós Kállay

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Kállay, Miklós


Born 1887; died Jan. 14, 1967, in New York. Hungarian politician and statesman. In 1929, he was secretary of state for commerce. From 1932 to 1935 he served as minister of agriculture. From March 1942 to March 1944 he was prime minister; until July 24, 1943, he was also minister of foreign affairs.

Kállay’s government continued to wage the war against the USSR begun by the government of L. Bárdossy on June 27, 1941. It increased the use of terror against the antifascist forces in the country and strove to prepare the conditions for saving the bourgeois structure in Hungary by means of a separate peace with Great Britain and the USA. It offered no resistance to the German occupation of Hungary, which began on Mar. 19, 1944. After the end of World War II, Kallay emigrated to the USA.


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