Mikuláš z Pelhrimova

Mikuláš z Pelhřimova


(nickname, Biskupec). Born circa 1385; died circa 1460 in Podĕbrady. Ideologist of the Taborites; one of the authors of a number of program documents of the Hussite revolutionary movement; bishop of Tabor (from 1420).

Mikuláš z Pelhřimova continued and developed further J. Hus’ critique of the Catholic Church and its teaching. He substantiated the necessity to punish the upper estates for their unjust deeds and heatedly defended the peasants. At the same time, he took part, along with J. Žižka, in the reprisal against the Picards in 1421. He was the author of the Chronicle of the Taborites. After the capture of Tabor by Jiří z Poděbrad in 1452, Mikuláš z Pelhřimova was imprisoned in a dungeon along with V. Koranda and died there.