the name of two brothers who were figures in the Bulgarian national revival; educators and folklorists.

Dimitr Miladinov. Born circa 1810; died Jan. 11, 1862.

Komtantin Miladinov. Born circa 1830; died Jan. 7, 1862.

The sons of a potter, the Miladinov brothers were born in the city of Struga, Macedonia. Dimitr Miladinov taught school in Macedonia. He opposed the assimilationist policies of the Ottoman Empire and the Greek clergy and called for the democratization of education. Konstantin Miladinov was educated in Athens and later attended Moscow University (1856–60). He contributed to Bulgarian publications and published poetry expressing love for his native land and dreams of freedom.

With the help of the Croat educator J. Strossmayer, the Miladinov brothers published the collection Bulgarian Folk Songs in Zagreb (1861); the work played an important role in the development of south Slavic literature. They advocated Slavic solidarity and the strengthening of ties with Russian culture. The Miladinov brothers were arrested by the Turkish government and died in a prison in Constantinople. The cultural legacy of the Miladinov brothers is the common heritage of modern Bulgaria and the Socialist Republic of Macedonia.


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