Milan Decree

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Milan Decree,

issued Dec., 1807, by Napoleon I of France in an attempt to enforce the Continental SystemContinental System,
scheme of action adopted by Napoleon I in his economic warfare with England from 1806 to 1812. Economic warfare had been carried on before 1806, but the system itself was initiated by the Berlin Decree, which claimed that the British blockade of purely
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. Designed to strengthen the Berlin DecreeBerlin Decree,
1806, decree issued in Berlin by Napoleon I on Nov. 21 in answer to the British blockade. Claiming that the British blockade of purely commercial ports was contrary to international law, Napoleon retaliated by declaring the British Isles under blockade and
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, it authorized French warships and privateers to capture neutral vessels sailing from any British port or from countries occupied by British armies. It also declared that neutral ships that submitted to search by British authorities on the high seas were to be considered lawful prizes if captured by the French or their allies. The British government issued replies by orders in councilorders in council,
in British government, orders given by the sovereign on the advice of all or some of the members of the privy council, without the prior consent of Parliament. Orders in council, first so named in the 18th cent.
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