Milford Sound

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Milford Sound,

inlet of the Tasman Sea, indenting SW South Island, New Zealand. Part of Fiordland National Park, it is a well-known resort area. Mountains rise steeply from the shore to a height of 9,042 ft (2,756 m).
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Milford Sound is famous for being misty and wet but again we enjoyed perfect weather conditions so we felt truly blessed.
We drive past this turquoise glass-like lake from Queenstown, on our way to Milford Sound or Fjord land in the South Island of New Zealand, where the journey is touted to be as spectacular as the destination
My photographs of New Zealand pull me back to the actual experience of smelling the mist in the air and feeling the dampness on my skin, looking in amazement at the reflection of the mountains in a pond on our way to Milford Sound, at the deep colours the clouds create on the surface of Lake Wakatipu (which
nz) based in Queenstown airport had organised a trip for us to catch the Milford Sound Scenic Cruise at one pm.
After an afternoon of pampering, dinner spent sampling New Zealand's national dish - fish and chips - and just a few hours' sleep, it was an early start for the journey out to the fjordlands and the famous Milford Sound.
A private company wanted to build the tunnel through the South Island wilderness to slash driving times for buses carrying tourists from Queenstown's ski fields to the pristine Milford Sound by five hours.
Summary: Remains from a New Zealand helicopter crash, in which two people went missing in 2004, have been found at Milford Sound.
Thorn Island in Milford Sound is on the market with Christie and Co.
In Milford Sound it had rained eight inches the day before but, as we took a cruise, skies cleared to reveal majestic mountains dizzyingly high.
In Milford Sound it'd rained 8ins the day before, but as we took a cruise skies cleared to reveal majestic mountains dizzyingly high.
JJeettbbooaattiinngg wwiitthh TThhrriillllsseeeekkeerrss aatt HHaannmmeerr SSpprriinnggss From left: Interior of a Maui Platinum Beach camper van, Milford Sound and Wellington waterfront