Milgrom, Paul Robert

Milgrom, Paul Robert,

1948–, American economist, b. Detroit, Ph.D. Stanford, 1979. He has been a professor of economics at Stanford since 1987, and previously taught at Northwestern Univ. (1979–83) and Yale (1983–87). A game theorist who has specialized in auction theory, he has written extensively on auctions and microeconomics, and also has applied his work to the practical development of auction designs. In 2020 Milgrom shared the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences with Robert WilsonWilson, Robert Butler, Jr.,
1973–, American economist, b. Geneva, Nebr., D.B.A. Harvard, 1963. A faculty member at the Stanford Graduate School of Business since 1964 (emeritus from 2004), he is a specialist in game theory who has made significant contributions to the
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 for their improvements to auction theory and development of new auction formats. Their work was most notably influential in the government allocation of cellular telephone bandwidth.
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