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In the past decade, Kemalists, militarists and nationalists have fallen into disfavor.
From the Eisenhower years onward into the 1960s, possible US military strategies for handling the Cold War were taken over by civilian militarists, or what Time Magazine referred to as the "Whiz Kids.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham, leaders of the GOP's militarist wing, are already fearful.
Carrots for a standalone nuclear deal will be difficult for the militarists to ignore, and will have the potential of opening Iran to the world.
The political fusion of imperialist militarists confronting Russia at the cost of strategic economic relations and Zionist-militarists pursuing Israeli regional power has led to multiple failed military adventures and tremendous global economic losses.
It is the Spartans' contradictions that make them interesting: macho militarists, yet radical feminists; heroes of Western freedom, yet oppressive slave owners.
While civilian militarists, headed by Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, are said to have drawn plans to bomb Iran, senior commanders are openly questioning the wisdom of such plans".
We must not allow militarists to take control of the world - their methods will only lead to continuing war and destruction.
Continued Fitrakis and Wasserman, "Berlet describes CNP members as not only traditional conservatives, but also nativists, xenophobes, white racial supremacists, homophobes, sexists, militarists, authoritarians, reactionaries and 'in some cases outright neo-fascists.
When he was no longer able to stop her, his dreadful sister Elisabeth helped to pervert his belatedly popular work into sacred texts of Nazism--and before that, in World War I, it was transmogrified into German-chauvinist scripture by the kind of flag-waving militarists he had fervently despised.
Paying homage at the private Shinto shrine is also intrinsically a sacrilegious act as militarists convicted of war crimes are among the souls enshrined.
Truman was no match for the militarists in the administration he inherited from Roosevelt.