Military Administration

Military Administration


(1) The military government of a territory that has been captured in the course of military operations.

(2) The military government of a territory that has been occupied as a result of war.

(3) An academic discipline. In prerevolutionary Russia, it was a special subject in the General Staff Academy program which dealt with problems of military legislation specifying the structure and day-to-day affairs of the Russian Army. In Soviet military education institutes, military administration as an academic discipline is studied in military schools and in certain military command academies. It incorporates the study of the structure and makeup of the Soviet armed forces, the organization of formations and units, mobilization and deployment, the organization of staff operations, and so forth.

Military Administration


(1)The sum total of the military administrative bodies of the state and their activity toward the development and control of the armed forces.

(2) The military control of territory occupied in the course of military operations.

(3) A scientific discipline that studies questions of the general organization and equipment of the armed forces, the control of troops, the building up of the armed forces to prescribed strength, and military service. The conclusions and propositions of military administration are given legal force through military legislation.

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Pakistan's future was promising with a strong parliament, effective and efficient civil and military administration, independent judiciary and free media, he added.
He added: "The Iraqi armed forces have registered victorious victories, and this victory is entitled to all the countries of the world to rejoice and to be proud of it, although the Iraqi arms and the Iraqi military administration and the Iraqi armed forces that made that victory in Iraq, but certainly this victory was not in isolation from the wills of the others who gathered to support the political process and stand by Iraq.
So instead of civil officials being commissioned in the Armed Forces, a Military Administration should be established under which the civil official could function with military overseas.
This work reveals underappreciated ministerial history and military administration.
The Japanese military administration laid special emphasis on technical education primarily to serve their own needs, but also to win the loyalty of the populace--especially the Malays.
Members of Hariri's own Future Movement in the north of the country were also unimpressed by the nomination of Frangieh, whose strong ties to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad were particularly problematic as Lebanon's northern districts had suffered immensely under the Syrian military administration for more than three decades (1975-2005).
Coordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Rateb Jabour, told PNN that the threat wasd handed under the pretext of having no permission to build, especially that it is located in area C of the West Bank, which falls under Israeli civil and military administration.
Invitation to tender : The MIL Office application has been used for years as an aid by the militia and the military administration for personnel planning, time and finances.
The company abolished its syndicate committee as workers do not have the right to form a syndicate since the company is currently affiliated to military administration after it was previously following civil administration.
Tom transferred to military administration and was promoted to corporal.
Military administration and high-caliber personnel were also identified as areas to be improved.
The official military spokesman, Colonel William Gatjiath Deng, whose office is supposed to be under the office of the army's chief of general staff, according to the military administration, has been quiet for sometimes now.

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