Military Bearing

Bearing, Military


(1) The element of outward appearance of a serviceman (clean and correctly arranged uniform, properly worn and adjusted equipment, manner of behavior in and out of formation) imparting a brisk military outward appearance to the individual and the entire detachment.

(2) A part of individual drill instruction with the purpose of inculcating the soldier with the habits of behavior in and out of formation and the ability to execute the drill manuals quickly and dexterously. This instruction also serves the purpose of developing in the soldiers unity, uniformity, and coordination during actions in motion, with arms, and in machines. The soldier’s bearing is achieved by a combination of drill, physical training, and sports.

References in classic literature ?
He had been a colonel in the Confederate army, and still maintained, with the title, the military bearing which had always accompanied it.
The scouts departed; strong guards preceded and followed the lumbering vehicles that bore the baggage; and before the gray light of the morning was mellowed by the rays of the sun, the main body of the combatants wheeled into column, and left the encampment with a show of high military bearing, that served to drown the slumbering apprehensions of many a novice, who was now about to make his first essay in arms.
The richest hangings and the thickest carpets, glistening flagstones and pictures, with their richly gilded frames; in every direction could be seen candelabra, mirrors, and furniture and fittings of the most sumptuous character; in every direction, also, were guards of the proudest military bearing, with floating plumes, crowds of attendants and courtiers in the ante-chambers and upon the staircases.
I was escorted within the building into the presence of an old negro, a fine looking man, with a dignified and military bearing.
At a wooden table in front of the window, which normally looked out on this landscape, sat two men in plain clothes, but with something of a military bearing, for indeed they were the two chiefs of the detective service of that district.
As to Captain Lydgate himself, his low brow, his aquiline nose bent on one side, and his rather heavy utterance, might have been disadvantageous in any young gentleman who had not a military bearing and mustache to give him what is doted on by some flower-like blond heads as "style.
However, the Blackbird hops and the Starling walks in a rather staccato fashion, erect and with an almost military bearing.
Dynamic design is in every line; military bearing in every aspect of this con-temporary dynamo.
A physically fit and athletic looking young officer with a good military bearing and a dignified thoughtful expression on his face.
I enjoyed the camaraderie, the excitement," says Snyder, whose background reveals itself in her military bearing and assertive voice.
WHEN 16-year-old drummer-boy Thomas White is launched into eternity from Newgate's scaffold on March 7, 1811, and the noose (which will take fifteen minutes to kill him) tightens, perhaps he spots a tall man of military bearing who watches, gimlet-eyed, from the press-yard.
But it was unclear if the Americans, who were in civilian clothes but had a military bearing, dispatched the unmanned aerial vehicle that tracked down the fleeing SAF troopers until they were rescued by police and Army reinforcements.