Military Commissariat

Military Commissariat


a body of local military administration in the USSR in charge of troop mobilization and of registration and draft work. There are military commissariats in the Union republics that are not divided into oblasts; they are also in autonomous republics, krais, oblasts, national okrugs, cities, and raions. They are military institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and simultaneously are entitled to fulfill the functions of departments of corresponding councils of ministers of Union and autonomous republics and of executive committees of krai, oblast, city, and raion Soviets of working people’s deputies. The main tasks of military commissariats are preparing and carrying out troop mobilization, compiling and keeping records of human and national-economic resources, preparing young people for military service, organizing the summoning of citizens into active military service and reserve training periods (assemblies), and implementing other defense measures. The work of the military commissariats is directed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR and the commanders of the military districts in the area where the commissariat is located.

Military commissariats were established by the decree of the Sovnarkom (Council of People’s Commissars) of Apr. 8, 1918. Originally, after the abolition of the old bodies of local military administration on Jan. 25, 1918, registration of reservists and mobilization were carried out by military departments of the local Soviets. The military commissariats that were set up were composed of two commissars on military affairs, one of whom was appointed military commissar (of the volost’ [small rural district], district, province, or okrug), and the other, military leader. The creation of the military commissariats along with universal military training of the working masses was the necessary condition for trans-forming the Red Army from a volunteer army into a regular mass army recruited on the basis of compulsory military ser-vice of the working people. The military commissariats carried out a major task in manning and forming the armed forces.

The Party placed experienced Party officials at the heads of the important military commissariats, M. V. Frunze serving in Ivanovo-Voznesensk and then Yaroslavl Province, Em. laroslavskii in Moscow, N. A. Anisimov in the Northern Caucasus Okrug, S. A. Anuchin in the Urals, K. A. Avksent’evskii in Volgoda Province, and P. A. Pavlov in Kiev Province. The first military commissars also included I. S. Konev, K. A. Meretskov, and F. I. Tolbukhin. Evaluating the work of the military commissariats, V. I. Lenin said in June 1920: “We have a huge military machine. Without military commissariats we would not have a Red Army” (Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 41, p. 148). The military commissariat played a major role in mobilizing human and material resources and raising armies in the Great Patriotic War (1941-45).


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Request for quotations: Overhaul of the administrative and service building of the Military Commissariat of the Mogilev region on the street Krupskaya, 99 in Mogilev with the landscaping of the adjacent territory
An events were also organized in Pervomai district administration, where the heads of district services, chiefs of municipal territorial administration, head of the Pervomai military commissariat, chairman of the council of veterans of the district, chairmen of quarterly committees, soldiers performing international duty in Afghanistan, as well as combatants to eliminate bandit groups in Batken were invited.
During the preliminary investigation it was also revealed that the head of department of a military commissariat demanded and received $19,000 from the father of another conscript in order to release his son from army service.
Another matter that might have been discussed at more length is the logistics, or military commissariat. How, for instance, did the VOC succeed in supplying its inland expeditions on Java, of thousands of soldiers with food, shelter, and ammunition?
When I grew up, I went to the military commissariat, was told that he was in the lists of missing persons.
They also attacked the city's military commissariat and raided a hunting store, apparently for weapons, the officer said.
Request for quotations : maintenance of the building of the recruiting office of the military commissariat
Today the enterprise does not have its own building and located in the old building of the military commissariat. Mayor's Office allocated 800 square meters for the construction of a new building.
Tenders are invited for Organization of cargo military medical commission of the Kyiv City Military Commissariat, recruits from the recruiting center to the Kyiv city assembly point, reservists, called up during mobilization candidates for military service under contract to the military units
The Ombudsman added 5 foreign citizens were expelled from the country, who collected the information under disguise of humanitarian organizations.The Ombudsman offered several recommendations, including establishment of the military commissariat, increased responsibility of heads of government agencies, regular meetings of leaders of two sides, improvement of staff policy, seizure of illegally possessed weapon, etc.

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