Military Crossings

Crossings, Military


the transport of troops and combat matériel across rivers, canals, or other water barriers with the help of crossing means or the crossing of these obstacles by troops over bridges or fords, on ice, or by swimming; also the sector of the river, lake, or other body of water over which the troops cross.

Amphibious military crossings involve the overcoming of a water barrier mainly by first-echelon subunits on organic amphibious combat vehicles, self-propelled amphibious crossing vehicles, and local crossing means. Ferry crossings are employed to transport smaller military subunits and their combat matériel or if it is impossible to build or lay a bridge. Such crossings are carried out on both self-propelled or non-self-propelled organic, local, or improvised crossing means. Bridge crossings of troop columns with their armament and combat matériel are the basic type of military crossings. They are organized from bridge trains and military bridges. Existing bridges are also used. Underwater tank crossings may be organized. The area of the military crossing is organized and camouflaged. Access roads are built, as well as covered positions for subunits, matériel, and motor vehicles waiting to cross and for reserve crossing means. Commandant’s service is also set up.

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Palestinian sources on Wednesday said that Israeli authorities closed yesterday several major military crossings that link the center of the city with the suburbs and neighborhoods and closed a number of the city's main streets.