Military Department

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military department

[′mil·i‚ter·ē di′pärt·mənt]
In the United States, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, or the Department of the Air Force.

Military Department


(Russian, Voennyi Prikaz or Prikaz Voennykh Del), the central state institution in Russia in charge of the recruitment of military personnel (jointly with the Pomestnyi [Service Fief] Prikaz, the Razriadnyi Prikaz [an older war department], and other departments), the formation of regiments and reinforcement detachments, the administration of commanders (such as appointments and promotions), the financing of the regular army, and uniforms (it controlled the uniform chanceries). It was set up on June 23, 1701 (based on the prikaz under General Commissar la. F. Dolgorukov, which existed from 1700 to 1701). It was abolished in 1711 with the formation of the Main Military Chancery, which took over the main functions of the Military Department.

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Recommendation: The Secretary of Defense should direct the military department Chief Management Officers, in consultation with the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, as appropriate, after defining the cost accounting requirements, to utilize the requirements as input to the ERPs to help ensure that the ERPs will provide the capability to identify and aggregate cost information for the department's assets in accordance with DOD's defined requirements.
For more information: Arthur Arroyo, real property manager, Oregon Military Department, (503) 584-3494
Although the individual BCP need not be offset, the package of offsets provided by a military department has to be offset and provide a zero balance change.
But this year the Texas Military Department has put in a budget request to expand a second facility at Eagle Lake.
Arnold Strong, a spokesman for the Oregon Military Department
The State Of Vt Military Department Is Soliciting Bids For The Camp Ethan Allen Training Site Entry Improvements At Camp Ethan Allen Training Site In Jericho, Vermont.
We're extremely pleased that both the Oregon Military Department and the county have finally recognized that the Russel Creek watershed is not a suitable location for an Armed Forces Reserve Center," Stotter said.
2 million, according to the state Military Department.
The program was endorsed by senior Military Department (MILDEP) representatives at their November 26, 2001 Security Cooperation 5 meeting.
No representative of the Military Department attended Tuesday's meeting.
These will be discussed during our upcoming curriculum review held the week of February 18 and you will hear more after your unified command and military department representatives hear the details and have the opportunity to provide their input.