Military District

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Military District


in the USSR, a territorial combined arms command of units of various sizes, military educational institutions, and various local military institutions. The chief of a military district is the commander of the troops of the district, who is subordinate to the minister of defense. The division of the territory of a state into military districts ensures efficiency in the control of troops, in operational, combat, and political training, and in the implementation of measures toward the preparation of the country for defense. Military districts were instituted in Russia in 1862-64.

In the USSR the first six military districts (Yaroslavl, Moscow, Orel, Beloe Sea, Ural, and Volga) were formed in March 1918 during the Civil War (1918-20) in connection with the need for training large unit reserves for the active fronts. The number of military districts has been changing in accordance with the defense missions of the Soviet Union and with the development of the USSR armed forces. For instance, before the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) there were 16 military districts and one front; after the war (after 1945) there were 33 military districts; by October 1946 their number was reduced to 21. The commander of the troops implements military measures within his military district with the help of the district headquarters, the political directorate, and other district directorates and sections. Military districts exist also in several other socialist countries, such as the German Democratic Republic and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and in several capitalist countries, such as the USA, France, Argentina, and Belgium.

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Some 15 tank crews from the regions within the Southern Military District will wage a contest to determine whose technique is the best.
Abdul-Rahman al-Halily of the First Military District announced today his support for constitutional legitimacy as represented by President Hadi," one of the officials told Reuters.
The military district official explained that the drones will ensure the security of sea navigation and conduct reconnaissance flights over Russian territorial waters.
Summary: ALGIERS- A two-day coordination meeting between the Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces of Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, is being held (August 11-12) at the headquarters of the sixth military district, in Tamanrasset (1970km south of Algiers), a National Defence ministry's communiquE[umlaut] has said.
lt;p>The attacks on Thursday took down the Web sites for The United States Army Military District of Washington and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, according to Zone-H, a Web site that tracks defacement activity.
The direct reporting units include the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Signal Command (Army), Army Medical Command, Army Intelligence and Security Command, Army Criminal Investigation Command, Army Corps of Engineers, Military District of Washington, Army Test and Evaluation Command, U.
In April last year, the same tribunal sentenced Butar-Butar, then commander of the North Jakarta Military District, to 10 years in jail for the same charge.
Janet Boston, for the US government, told Bow Street Magistrates' Court: 'On one instance, the US Army's military district of Washington network became inoperable.
Roger Nadeau, Military District of Washington North (Areas north of the Potomac River)
Once again, she and SGM Stephen Spadaro, ADAA's Military District Trustee, ask that state and local components and individual members help to flood the folks in uniform with holiday greetings by sending your greetings care of:
He will work at the military district hospital unit at Peterborough before aero-medical training at RAF Lyneham.
It comprised artillerymen tasked with providing mobile protection for the Headquarters of the Army in the Northern Territory, known then as the 7th Military District, which was established as an independent command in October 1939 (the military presence in Darwin had until that time been administered by the headquarters of the 1st Military District in Brisbane).

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