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The theory of military policy in the broader sense includes the general theory of military policy; the theory of military doctrine; the theory of force posture, including the process of its preparation, with the process of weapons procurement and acquisition; and the theory of arms control posture and negotiations.
A statement from the Yugoslav army headquarters announced that Milosevic has approved a new Yugoslav 'military doctrine'.
Kimberly Zisk examines the conditions under which military organizations are likely to change military doctrines. She argues that "the timing and content of military doctrine innovations are a result of the interaction of international and domestic political factors, of foreign doctrine changes and of domestic civilians' political strategies".
Tehran maintains that its military power poses no threat to other countries and that its military doctrine is solely based on deterrence.
During the meeting, both sides highlighted the need for increased military and security cooperation, including military training courses, as well as military maneuvers which contribute to unifying the military doctrine in the (GCC) countries.
Author Eilam is a researcher in IsraelAEs national strategy and military doctrine; he also worked as a researcher for IsraelAEs Ministry of Defense.
Russia vowed to adopt a beefed up new military doctrine to face the new challenges from NATO's plans, reported Agence ( France Presse.
The military doctrine of Turkmenistan has been developed in view of the current military and political situation in the world.
The ceremony included a briefing from the Director of the Department of Training and Military Doctrine on the scholarship program for Saudi cadets.
Analyzing this campaign using modern military doctrine, the author shows how that strategy originated with the Union's Navy Board, and was carried out by unprecedented cooperation and coordination of army and naval forces.
Pakistan is not oblivious to the unprecedented acquisition of the sophisticated military hardware, synergized with an offensive military doctrine. However, as a responsible nuclear capable state, Pakistan Army will contribute to strategic stability and strategic restraint as per the stated policy of Government of Pakistan.
According to the latest intelligence assessments, Iran, which was responsible for writing Hamas's military doctrine, has already launched an internal probe to determine how the plan it had created for Hamas failed to cause more IDF casualties.

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