Military Exercises

Exercises, Military


one of the primary forms of combat training for troops and naval forces, commanders, and the staffs of large units and units of the armed forces, combat arms, rear services units, and special forces. The goal of a military exercise is to solve one or more problems in a given location under conditions that most closely resemble actual combat.

Military exercises may be classified as strategic, operational, or tactical, depending on their scope. They may be designed to train troops of the army, air force, or navy, as well as personnel on the command, staff command, staff, or rear services level, or they may be classified as special or test exercises, depending on how they are conducted. Other classifications include single-level, two-level, or multilevel, referring to the number of command echelons participating, and one-sided and two-sided, depending on whether opposing forces are participating. Large units of troops and naval forces from one or several countries may take part in strategic and operational exercises.

Large-scale military exercises conducted during the 1970’s by the armed forces of the USSR included those designated under the code names Dniepr (1967), Dvina (1970), and Ocean (1970). The troops of the united armed forces of the Warsaw Treaty Organization have held military exercises under the code names Vltava (1960), October Storm (1965), and Brotherhood in Arms (1970). The united armed forces of the NATO countries conduct large-scale military exercises every two or three years, for example, the Winter, Express, and Reforger exercises.

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Whether it was his studies or his military exercises, he took them up and worked at them till he was praised and held up as an example to others.
And one woman has a turn for gymnastic and military exercises, and another is unwarlike and hates gymnastics?
Through June, July, and August, the young men encamp upon the spacious plain whereon the college stands; and all the year their military exercises are performed there, daily.
Every morning I went through military exercises, and practiced on horseback.
South Korean military exercises and propaganda targeting the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).
Last March, the Ukrainian parliament approved a bill allowing foreign troops into the country to participate in joint military exercises with Ukrainian Armed Forces.
Military exercises have been going on in the Al-Buqa area of northern Sa'ada since March 12, involving large numbers of popular committee members and military forces based in the governorate.
The test came as the United States and South Korea finished the first of two large-scale annual military exercises on Friday.
On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a series of military exercises with live firing in the country's southern and western regions and in the Far East.
SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea said Saturday that it told the United States it would impose a temporary moratorium on nuclear tests if Washington canceled its joint annual military exercises with South Korea to help promote dialogue on the divided Korean Peninsula.
Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-Un in his New Year speech said he was open to a summit with South Korea, but urged the United States and South Korea to stop their annual military exercises which he condemned as a "rehearsal of a nuclear war".
The military exercises codenamed Mohammad Rasoulallah (PBUH) cover an area of 2.

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