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physical fitness,

combined good health and physical development. The object of any program of physical fitness is to maximize an individual's health, strength, endurance, and skill relative to age, sex, body build, and physiology. These ends can only be realized through conscientious regulation of exercise, rest, diet, and periodic medical and dental examinations. Exercise should be regular and vigorous, but begun slowly and only gradually increased in strenuousness. Short periods of vigorous exercise repeated several times during a day can be as beneficial to physical health as one longer daily session. Popular exercise methods include jogging, cycling, and the use of body-building machines. It is more important that periods of sleep be regular and restful than that they extend any fixed number of hours. A properly balanced diet in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals is essential. Conscientious dental hygiene and periodic checkups are also strongly advised. Complete and regular physical examinations should be the basis of any program of physical development. Tobacco smoking, as well as alcohol and drug consumption, are counterproductive to any physical fitness program. Although sports are related to physical fitness, care must be taken that injuries do not occur, and that the skin is adequately protected against the cancerous effects of solar radiation.


See historical study by J. Whorton (1982).

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Feel good inside THE Outdoor Fitness Company (ODFC) was founded nine years ago by Gary Nash, a former military fitness trainer, best-known for his stint on hit reality TV show Bad Lads Army.
It also may reflect a selection bias: there may not be many infants severely depressed at birth and those infants who are either die or are so severely retarded that they were not examined for military fitness.
He was given permission to begin training again and after just three months training with British Military Fitness in Birkenhead Park he ran his marathon only 30 minutes slower than before his injury.
Bootcamp - British Military Fitness host outdoor classes in Cannon Hill Park A ''civilian friendly'' version of the physical exercise programme used to keep the British Army, Navy and RAF in shape.
Pedalling through the heat and rain, he takes on a gruelling military fitness test, rides motorbikes with Vietnam veterans and gets caked in mud while working on a banana farm.
Clarke, a former military fitness instructor and a mother of three, has to do a minimum of 7,000 pushups to set a new record.
She's been promoting the benefits of outdoor exercise with British Military Fitness, prepping for a thousand-mile Sport Relief race, fronting new Sky show Don't Stop Me Now, and, alongside Richard Hammond, is one of the regular presenting team on this series.
The class is run with military precision and it's no surprise that Lorna is also an instructor with Alba Military Fitness, who run boot camp classes at Strathclyde Park.
The former military fitness trainer, known for knocking recruits into shape on TV's Bad Lads Army, said: "The BHF Newcastle Stampede is a fantastic event to be involved with and we're proud to be sponsoring it.
Six British Military Fitness instructors will tomorrow attempt to break the 63-hour world record for running, swimming and cycling from London to Paris.
She said: "Fast track care is available at six Ministry of Defence Hospital Units (MDHU) in England for regular military personnel with certain orthopaedic injuries - like a knee or ankle injury - where their condition prevents them from reaching full military fitness.

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