Military Frontier

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Military Frontier


(Serbo-Croatian, vojna krajina; German, Militargrenze), a region of the Hapsburg monarchy bordering on Turkey; it was governed by a military administration.

The Military Frontier included part of Croatia and southern Hungary. It existed as a separate region beginning in the early 19th century. Directly subordinated to the Austrian government, the Military Frontier was divided into generalates and regimental, company, and communal districts. Most of the inhabitants of the Military Frontier were Serbs and Croats and were called granicars. They received a plot of land from the government, in return for which they did military and civilian services and paid taxes. In 1873 the Military Frontier was demilitarized and placed under civilian administration; in 1881 it was abolished.


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5) As in his other work, here Barrett insisted on the complexity and ambivalence of Russia's incorporation of the Caucusus, in this case by focusing on the peddlers and merchants crisscrossing the military frontier and in particular the ways in which goods flowing north from the mountains shaped Cossack communities and their material culture.
A key conclusion is the author's rejection of traditional interpretation of Croatian--Serbian relations and ethnic relations in the Military Frontier area.
Perhaps the greatest recent discovery from the air are all these native settlements south of the Wall, showing just how well populated the military frontier was.
The book is organized around what key elements in the Welsh frontier paradigm: the border aristocracy, the nature of war and peace, the shape of the military frontier and its effects on society, the administration of the frontier zone, and the relation of frontier to state.
The disclosures detail the private fears of both Washington and Beijing as they sought mastery of the new military frontier.
Planning documents state: "The archeological remains found are constituents of the Hadrian's Wall military frontier complex, a monument of international importance.
Larger than either Germany or Britain, it was designated by the last Chinese dynasty, the Qing (1644-1912), as a military frontier.
It is not thought now that the Dyke represented a military frontier.
Morning Twilight, on the other hand, envisages a redeployment to the so-called Purple Line, the de-facto military frontier.
In choosing this periodization, Alonso is able to discuss Chihuahua first as a military frontier against Apache raids, then as a developing economic and social frontier with the United States, and finally as a major area involved in the revolution against the government of Porfirio Diaz between 1910 and 1920.
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