Military History Institute

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Military History Institute


an institute of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR; a scientific research institute in Moscow. Established in October 1967.

The main tasks of the Military History Institute are the study of problems of the Great Patriotic War and World War II and of the military past of our motherland and the study of methodological problems of military history. The institute coordinates scientific research work in the field of military history, trains scholarly cadres through graduate and military graduate schools, and prepares and publishes scholarly works, monographs, and scholarly popular works. The History Division of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR provides scholarly and methodological guidance to the Military History Institute. The journal of the institute is Vestnik voennoi istorii (Bulletin of Military History).

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Tenders are invited for Purchase zouvacky tires VTM Leany (hereinafter "goods"), to ensure the maintenance and repair works from the collections of the Military History Institute in Prague and its delivery to the buyer in the place of performance in accordance with Art.
Johnson Visiting Professor of Military History at the Army's Military History Institute, 2001-2002.
Steve Bowman, long a pillar of the Army Historical Program and a former director of the Military History Institute, intensively researched the campaign in the archives and on the ground, including leading staff rides through the Mons battlefield.
Springer, an author and curator of the 2002 exhibition Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Budapest, collects about 150 b&w photos from North Korea--many never published before--drawn from the Hungarian National Museum and the Military History Institute and Museum of the Ministry of Defense of Hungary and originally sent to Hungary by the Korean Central News Agency to garner sympathy during the war.
Pagonis had already received authorization to donate the records to Pennsylvania State University and the Army Military History Institute at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.
history at Xavier University (OH), also conducted research at the Army Military History Institute where he read the papers of Benjamin Davis, St.
Two specialized agencies evolved into integral parts of the Army War College: the Strategic Studies Institute, first formed in 1954, and the Military History Institute, established in 1967.
He not only exploited the vast riches in the National Archives, US Military History Institute, and Special Collections and Archives Division of the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, but also conducted more than 75 interviews.
He has combed through two voluminous archives to produce this work: the United States Military History Institute (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) and the James D.
The NYT quoted Conrad Crane, the director of the military history institute at the Army War College, one of the main drafters of the new doctrine, as saying: "Basically after Vietnam, the general attitude of the American military was that we don't want to fight that kind of war again".
Linda Wheeler I had been told that only very special Civil War historians--the ones with personal contacts--were allowed to see the archival holdings of the Army's Military History Institute in Carlisle, Pa.
He has consulted all of the major archives, including the Imperial War Museum in London and the United States Army Military History Institute.

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