Military Medical Service

Military Medical Service


one of the special services of the armed forces of the USSR that safeguards the health of servicemen and provides systematic medical sup-port in peacetime and wartime.

In peacetime the military medical service is responsible for carrying out a complex of therapeutic and prophylactic measures to protect and improve the health of the personnel of the armed forces, for maintaining healthy conditions among the troops and protecting them against widespread (especially epidemic) diseases, for training servicemen in methods of rendering first aid to the wounded and injured in combat, for teaching hygienic habits to prevent infectious diseases, and for organizing and carrying out combat and special training of military medical personnel. In wartime the main tasks of the military medical service are to save the lives of as many wounded, injured, and sick as possible and to restore their combat efficiency very quickly. To perform these tasks successfully, the system of medical support for the troops provides for rational division of medical care in time (change of the length of time of providing care in accor-dance with the nature of the injury, the condition of the victim, and the military situation) and space (distribution between various medical installations of the therapeutic measures to be taken for the wounded and injured); for the organic combination of therapeutics and medical evacuation and maintenance of the continuity of care for the sick and wounded in the medical evacuation stages; for echelonment (that is, separate positioning farther or closer to the front) of medical installations and maneuvering them in accordance with the situation. Also of importance in the system of medical support are the sanitary and hygienic and epidemic-control measures taken to protect the troop personnel against the development and spread of infectious diseases, a matter of particular significance if the troops have to stay in areas threatened with epidemics.

In a regiment the military medical service is represented by a regimental medical post, which includes an infirmary with physicians and medics, a pharmacist, a dentist, and soldiers assigned to it. The regimental medical service organizes and carries out all the necessary therapeutic and prophylactic, sanitary and hygienic, and epidemic-control measures. The medical manpower and resources of regiments and other detached units making up a division constitute the division medical service. A division has a medical battalion or infirmary to provide qualified medical care.

The military medical service has at its disposal a network of permanent installations—garrison and district military hospitals, garrison polyclinics, military sanatoriums and soldiers’ resorts, and health facilities for coping with epidemics. The Central Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR is responsible for the general direction of the military medical service.


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His internship at George Provincial Hospital was followed by compulsory military medical service and a senior medical officer post in Orthopaedic Surgery at Tembisa hospital.
[4] The issue of dual loyalty could be a particular problem in military medical service, especially when there has been no formal ethical theory specific to military physicians.
The source said the trust funds would aim to reform and modernize logistics, combat control, cyber defenses, the military medical service and rehabilitation of wounded servicemen.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health and Military Medical Service Department have both been transferring cases to private and charitable hospitals due to the PNA's own cash crunch, and payments have not been made.
Cobham looks forward to the introduction of the DOGS-M line to additional military medical service groups as it expands its military medical product offerings.
McCallum (history, Texas Christian U.) notes that for almost the first five thousand years of military medical service very little changed, with the possible exception of the speed of amputations.
Washburn fails to appreciate the inherent ethical danger in maintaining a military medical service separately trained and professionally isolated from its civilian peers.
In 2000, Deborah Brown, who was on active duty with the Navy, began preconception counseling with the military medical service. A doctor prescribed prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, which is taken by women to prevent neural tube defects in developing fetuses.
Al-Ashwal hailed the bilateral relations between Yemen and India, stressing the importance to benefit from the Indian experiences in the military medical service fields.
The police referred Ahmad to the Military Medical Service Department where he underwent necessary tests.
During the meeting, al-Ashwal and Green discussed areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries' armies in the military medical service area and ways of strengthening them via resuming agreements and protocols signed between the two countries in various military and security fields.
Later the guests visited the Lithuanian armed Forces MD Jonas Basanavi?ius Military Medical Service Medical Support Unit and Military Medical Training Centre.

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