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Military District


in the USSR, a territorial combined arms command of units of various sizes, military educational institutions, and various local military institutions. The chief of a military district is the commander of the troops of the district, who is subordinate to the minister of defense. The division of the territory of a state into military districts ensures efficiency in the control of troops, in operational, combat, and political training, and in the implementation of measures toward the preparation of the country for defense. Military districts were instituted in Russia in 1862-64.

In the USSR the first six military districts (Yaroslavl, Moscow, Orel, Beloe Sea, Ural, and Volga) were formed in March 1918 during the Civil War (1918-20) in connection with the need for training large unit reserves for the active fronts. The number of military districts has been changing in accordance with the defense missions of the Soviet Union and with the development of the USSR armed forces. For instance, before the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) there were 16 military districts and one front; after the war (after 1945) there were 33 military districts; by October 1946 their number was reduced to 21. The commander of the troops implements military measures within his military district with the help of the district headquarters, the political directorate, and other district directorates and sections. Military districts exist also in several other socialist countries, such as the German Democratic Republic and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, and in several capitalist countries, such as the USA, France, Argentina, and Belgium.

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From December 2004 to September 2007, he was the commander of the Shenyang Military Region. He was also director of the Equipment Development Department.
These will represent a tiny percentage of the several hundred thousand officers and two million members of the PLA, however, and will not address the fact that, unless current PLA personnel practices change, the vast majority of PLA members will not have experience working in, or with, another division, much less a unit in a different military region or service than the ones in which they have spent their entire career.
His reforms include establishing a joint operational command structure by 2020 and rejigging existing military regions, as well as cutting troop numbers by 300,000, a surprise announcement he made in September.
Al-Wadi Dates Plant, located near the First Military Region's headquarters, was damaged in the attack and six employees, a woman and two children were killed.
Alfonso Duarte Mujica, the Commander of the 2nd Military Region, told reporters that the tunnel was about 300 metres long and almost two metres high.
Xiong has been named deputy political commissar of the Nanjing Military Region by the Central Military Commission, said Col.
At present, I am the commanding Military Region South in Denmark and formations with a wartime strength of some 1200 men and women establishing the link between Denmark and Germany and onwards to Poland.
The ship was welcomed by representatives of the Vietnam Coast Guard Command, the Military Region 5 Command, the Vietnam Border Guard Command, and relevant agencies.
The two-week event, in which Saudi land forces took part together with their British counterparts, was attended by the Commander of the North Western Military Region Major General Dr.
9 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army, accompanied by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, on Tuesday presented the King's Colours to the 2nd Al Hussein Mechanised Battalion, of the 90th King Abdullah I Mechanised Brigade, a formation of the Eastern Military Region. The handing over of the banner, a tradition that started in September 2015, is the highest military honour awarded to an army unit in appreciation of its role in defending the homeland.
[30/December/2018] SANAA, Dec 30 (Saba) - The Division of Moral Guidance in the 5th Military Region organized a graduation ceremony for a number of regional officers under the slogan "Yemen wins".
Following his position in Germany, he became the head of the Southern Military Region, and then he became the head of the infantry department in the Armed Forces.

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