Military Regulations

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Military Regulations


official directives defining the goals, tasks, methods, and principles governing large units, units, and subunits of various branches and services of the armed forces during combat operations. Military regulations also define the duties of military personnel, the chain of command, daily procedure, and the services to be performed by the troops. Military regulations are revised as new weapons are developed, as troops and naval forces are reorganized, and as combat experience is accumulated.

The first Russian military regulations date from the 16th and 17th centuries and include The Boyars’ Rules of Stanitsa Guard Service (1571), Regulations Concerning Combat Cannon and Other Matters Which Relate to Military Science (1607 and 1621; 2nd ed., parts 1–2, 1777–81), and The Science and Technique of Infantry Combat Formations (1647). For the regular army, Peter I drafted the Army Regulations in 1716. From the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century, military regulations in the Russian army were issued on several occasions.

The first regulations issued for the Soviet armed forces included the Regulations of the Interior Services, the Regulations of Garrison Duty, and the Regulations of the Rear Services, all published in 1918, and the Disciplinary Code, published in 1919. Later, field service regulations, combat regulations, and others were put into effect. Contemporary regulations binding on military personnel in all units and subunits of the Armed Forces of the USSR are the Regulations of the Interior Services of the Armed Forces of the USSR, the Disciplinary Code, and the Garrison and Guard Duty Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR, all of which are approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. The Drill Manual is also considered part of the military regulations of the armed forces of the USSR.

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Finally, although he was sufficiently acquainted with the customs of society and with the laws of politeness, to which he conformed as rigidly as if they had been military regulations; though he had real mental power, both natural and acquired; and although he had mastered the art of handling men, the science of tactics, the theory of sabre play, and the mysteries of the farrier's craft, his learning had been prodigiously neglected.
Stringent military regulations and standards are also likely to be a hindrance for the global aircraft survivability equipment market over the forecast period.
QinetiQ's unmanned air system capabilities include the operational deployment of systems under civil or military regulations, systems integration, service management and technology exploitation, such as autonomy, and Mannered-Unmanned Teaming.
He was later forced out of the Navy after speaking at a Religious Right rally wearing his uniform, a violation of military regulations.
The US Navy is dropping the practice of punishing minor infractions with three days in the brig on bread and water rations, as part of an overhaul of military regulations. Ship captains will no longer be able to send misbehaving crew members to bread and water confinement starting January 1, 2019.
Defying military regulations that prohibited "any negro or person of colour" from serving in positions of authority, he became Britain's first black Army officer.
These credentialed correspondents wore military uniforms without insignia or rank, were subject to military regulations, and were the only journalists to permitted to receive AEF briefings, war zone tours, and the opportunity to witness battles.
Qanswa was jailed for six years for violating military regulations by announcing his candidacy and Annan is in prison awaiting trial.
Summary: Retired general Annan to be questioned over 'grave violations' of military regulations; his campaign halted
"The ministry is in internal talks to confirm whether it is against military regulations."

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