Military Statistics

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Statistics, Military


the branch of social statistics that studies both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of military affairs prior to, during, and after a war. The most important tasks of military statistics include the following: analysis of statistical data, which reveal the level of economic, moral, political, and military potential of the countries being studied and the countries’ degree of preparedness for war; determination of the combat and mobilization capabilities of a country and the military preparedness of the population; quantitative analysis of the armed forces of a state and the characteristics of organization, the relations between the armed forces as a whole and individual combat arms, and the availability of reserves; and study of various indexes important in strategy, operations, and tactics and vital to the development of operational-tactical norms, the preparation for and organization and conduct of battles and operations, and to military-historical research.

Military statistics in Russia originated with the publication of D. A. Miliutin’s major work, Preliminary Studies in MilitaryStatistics (books 1–2, 1847–8). Soviet military statistics originated during the Civil War of 1918–20. Relying on the Marxist dialectical method, military statistics supports all fields of military science and practice in the armed forces.

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To date, military statistics indicate that there are still 3,000 NPA rebels across the country.
The coalition carried out about 1,200 strikes in Syria in January, compared with 952 in December and 639 in November, according to military statistics.
The book is based on unpublished military statistics, unpublished documents produced by ex-conscript groups, legal cases, government and military reports, and oral and written testimonies of ex-conscripts.
"Israeli practices are even more successful in avoiding civilian casualties than in other Western nations' cases, according to verified military statistics".
However, it was not just militant reports which contradicted official military statistics, as state-run news agency MENA, quoting unnamed security sources, reported five dead and seven injured.
Military statistics reveal that more soldiers committed suicide in 2012 than were lost in battle.
According to military statistics compiled by the Associated Press, 30% of commanders fired since 2005 lost their jobs because of sex-related offenses.
military statistics indicate there are still an average of 14 bombings and other attacks daily as American troops prepare to leave by year-end.
Visual and military statistics for accidents and instructions that should be adhered to by the driver were presented, in addition to some pictures of traffic accidents and screening of documentary that expresses the reality of the accidents.
US military statistics say that four percent of the 100,000 people held in different prisons over the years returned to violence.
An Israeli human rights group say more than half of the Palestinians killed in Israel's Gaza offensive were civilians, findings that dispute Israeli military statistics. The figures issued by the B'Tselem organization were broadly in line with those in reports published by groups such as Amnesty International and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights after the 22-day Israeli offensive ended in January.
Citing Israeli military statistics, Haaretz reported that as of June 30, there were 304,569 settlers living in the West Bank, a 2.3 percent increase since January.

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