Military Topography

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Military Topography


a branch of topography in which methods and means of obtaining information about terrain in the interests of the combat activity of troops are studied. Military topography includes the study of topo-graphical maps, aerial photographs, and other documents about the terrain and their use for the control of troops; methods of conducting reconnaissance of terrain; methods and technical means of orientation in a terrain and of taking measurements in order to obtain the data necessary for the fulfillment of infantry, artillery, engineering, and other missions; and the principles of topogeodetic security for the combat operations of troops.


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In accordance with the calendar schedule of the educational process during the training conducted in the field conditions, the cadets are improving skills in detecting and destroying targets with fire on the battlefield, as well as in using various types of weapons and also fulfilling other tasks in tactical training and military topography.
A meeting of the military topography experts of Azerbaijan and Belarus has taken place in Baku, the press service of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reported Oct.
Additional areas of collaboration contain proposals to enhance information and engineering support, military education and medicine, military topography and hydrography, as well as cooperation in search and rescue at sea.
Both sides expressed hope that the Agreement will pave the way for exchange of views and information on politicomilitary issues well as issues related to strengthening of mutual trust and international security, intensification of counterterrorist and arms control activities, extension of relations in various fields of military education, exchange of experience in peacekeeping and interaction in peacesupporting operations under the United Nations auspices, Extension of relation in Military medicine, Military history, Military topography, Military hydrography and Military culture.
Although his description of military ranks was perfectly adequate at the time the lectures were held, the publication shortly thereafter of Rika Gyselen's short booklet, The Four Generals of the Sasanian Empire: Some Sigillographic Evidence (Roma: Istituto Italiano per it Medio ed Estremo Oriente, 2001), substantially changed our understanding of late Sasanian military topography and the high-ranking commanders in charge of this quadripartite system.
Taliban had in the intervening 20 years or so, changed the human and military topography of the country.
It seemed to me that the study of ancient military topography had little to do with the precise meaning of Latin and Greek words and could be studied better in relation to the aims and tactics of commanders.
The plan of bilateral military cooperation between Uzbekistan and Belarus provides for official visits of the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan to Belarus, further discussion of cooperation in the field of military topography, geodesy, cartography and navigation, training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

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