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Military Base


the territory (an important point or region in a strategic or political sense) and the troops located on it with their supplies of armaments, ammunition, food, and other material resources needed for combat and everyday activity. In capitalist states military bases are established in the country itself and in a number of cases—in accordance with special aims which are, as a rule, expansionist—in other states. The seizure of important areas in other states for the purposes of establishing military bases has long marked the tendency toward colonial expansion on the part of capitalist states. This became particularly widespread in the age of imperialism, when a number of capitalist states created such bases in their colonies and in dependent semicolonial countries in order to carry out aggressive imperialist policies. A large number of military bases were established by imperialist states, primarily the United States, in various countries after World War II. The USSR does not have military bases in other states.

Modern military bases can be subdivided into missile bases, air bases, naval bases, and general-purpose military bases. Missile bases are complexes made up of launching sites, command posts, and missile-maintenance and logistic support units. Examples are the US intercontinental missile bases for the purpose of delivering nuclear missile attacks on targets in other countries. Air bases are used for the basing of strategic, tactical, and transport aircraft; of support and repair units; and of reserves of supplies and technical equipment for the support of combat activities. Examples are the US air bases at Rabat in Morocco, Mildenhall in Great Britain, and Torrejon in Spain and the West German air bases at Bitburg, Spangdahlem, Hahn, Wiesbaden, and elsewhere. Naval bases are used for the basing of naval forces, including such well-known advanced bases for US atomic submarines as Holy Loch in Great Britain and Rota in Spain. General-purpose military bases like those of the US at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands or Kadena and Naha on Okinawa Island (Japan) are used for the disposition of land forces, air forces, and naval forces.

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Grande Island, at the mouth of Subic Bay, was the site of an American military reservation, known as Fort Wint, during World War II.
Republic Act 7227 or the Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992 authorized the Philippine President to issue a decree converting the military reservation in the Clark area into a special economic zone.The secondary runway was never used for commercial purposes after the Americans left Clark.
Deir Ezzor, SANA- In framework of enhancing local reconciliations and expanding their scope, the legal status of tens of youths who deserted the compulsory military service or the military reservation has been settled in Deir Ezzor province.
primary purposes of the military reservation. (117)
Miller, of East North Street, formerly stationed at Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, has been transferred to a secret military station ...
Currently, the civilian control line is marked 10 kilometers south of the military demarcation line (MDL) and military reservation zones are 25 kilometers south of the MDL.
Bluegrass Army Depot (14,596 acres, 859/779-6328); Fort Campbell Military Reservation (85,000 acres, 270/798-9824); and Fort Knox Military Reservation (109,068 acres, 502/624-7311) all are good.
First, he believed Attorney General Edward Bates had settled the issue in an 1862 opinion that found that the president could not return a military reservation to the pool of general public lands available for sale.
In short, the states vary in their legal handling of breastfeeding, and that variance should at least be considered by members of the military who are assigned within those jurisdictions and who live in communities outside of a military reservation. While state breastfeeding laws can certainly influence the rules and regulations of military facilities, those facilities ultimately fall under federal control and the federal, jurisdictional authority of the commanding officer of that installation.
Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation is an active Army National Guard training center with multiple access points from several adjacent civilian communities.
Duterte made the promise to government troops in the country's biggest military reservation, just days after Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said there was no money for the pay hike.
The military will also reportedly increase its presence at Basa Air Base, about 70 miles northwest of Manila; Fort Magsaysay, the largest military reservation in the country; Lumbia Air Base on the southern island of Mindanao and Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in Cebu in central Philippines.

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