Military-Applied Sports

Military-Applied Sports


the collective name for exercises with a military application and for their combinations taken from various sports, including track, swimming, and skiing. The exercises are conducive to developing qualities and skills necessary for various military professions.

Military-applied sports include military-sports combined events, mastering of obstacle courses, marches and sprints, cross-country races oriented to the terrain, patrol races on skies including marksmanship, swimming in full uniform with weapons, setting of poles and laying of cables for communications, and stunt driving. The exercises are carried out in full military garb, with complete equipment and arms, in the field on special obstacle courses or on special apparatus, either individually or in small units (teams).

Military-applied sports became widespread after the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. They are included in the Games of the USSR Armed Forces, the Games of the All-Union Voluntary Society for Aid to the Army, Air Force, and Navy of the USSR, and the games between friendly forces. The annual championships of the USSR armed forces are held in some exercises. The winners of the military-applied sports at the games (military three-way combined, pentathlon) receive the title of Master of Sport of the USSR, and winners of other competitions receive sports ranks.

Military-applied exercises are included in the evaluation of the physical training of servicemen. A number of the exercises are included in the work Prepared for Labor and the Defense of the USSR.


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Participants will compete in competitions in military-applied sports, in militarized relay, in the intellectual game IQazaqstan, in the competition in robotics Meni?
The Ministry of Defense organized a press tour for journalists from the capital and bloggers at the training center of CSKA in the framework of the XVI Games of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in military-applied sports. Popularization of an active and healthy lifestyle, military-applied sports and further qualitative strengthening of interaction with media representatives became the main goals of the press tour.
The main objective of the Black Forest Program is the military-patriotic education of young people, the mastering of the foundations of hiking and military-applied sports.
Representatives of the military units included in the Armed Forces have an interactive meeting with participants of the meeting on the theme: "Great Steppe Army - The Mangilik El Yel!", Intellectual game "Aybyn daryny", "My Robot" on robotics, ", A lot of contests were organized from the military-applied sports and combat training courses.

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