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Year 2000 problem,


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in computer science, a design flaw in the hardware or software of a computer that caused erroneous results when working with dates beyond Dec. 31, 1999. In the 1960s and 70s programmers who designed computer systems dropped the first two digits of a year when storing or processing dates to save what then was expensive and limited memory; such a system recorded the year 2000 as 00 and could not distinguish it from 1900. In sorting, comparison, and arithmetic operations, the year 2000 would be treated as if it were equivalent to 0 rather than 100, causing incorrect results. The algorithm used to calculate leap years was also in some cases invalid, creating an additional problem in calculating the correct date after Feb. 28, 2000. Because the designers of such computer systems expected them to be replaced before the beginning of the year 2000, using a two-digit date was not regarded as a problem. Thousands of older computer systems, called legacy systems, were still in use in the 1990s, however, particularly in the finance and insurance industries, creating a potential operational and financial nightmare, which was termed Doomsday 2000Doomsday 2000,
term coined by Canadian computer consultant Peter de Jager in 1993 to describe the operational and financial impact of a defect of contemporary computer hardware and software, known as the Year 2000 problem, that caused computer programs to incorrectly perform
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. In the late 1990s business, government, and other computer users spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars to correct the Year 2000 problem, and only minor problems were experienced after Jan. 1, 2000.
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Finally, despite some very recent rises in interest rates related to the millenium bug, Y2K does not appear to pose a major risk to the outlook as authorities have already put in place lending facilities and adopted contingency plans.
Irish Special Branch officers claim the Real IRA are likely to mount a bomb attack to take advantage of any Millenium bug computer problems.
Among the topics Neil covers are the real dangers the millenium bug presents to healthcare and the handicaps with which hospitals will enter the next century as a result of scrapping projects in favor of preparing for the Y2K bug.
The study demonstrates that nuclear energy remains high on the agenda of the electricity industry, coming after recent meetings it organised with Foratom on the millenium bug and with the European Commission on nuclear industry competitiveness.
The insurance loophole only came to light when the company released a 24 page policy document dealing with the Millenium Bug.
Mishandling the millenium bug could put you personally at the mercy of the court.
These companies are probably in a supply chain and if their customers do not like the fact that they have done nothing about the Millenium Bug they could find them going to a company that has taken action.
West Group (Eagan, MN) has introduced a new database on Westlaw, Year 2000-The Millenium Bug (YR2000) that is designed to "sort through the sea of information available" for dealing with the problem, West said.
Action 2000, the DTI body forced to tackle the millenium bug, is to put its PR account up for tender with the new agency being asked to focus more squarely on communications strategy and on moving from awareness to action through regional and national media work.
The Millenium Bug ProblemIn this survey the executives were also asked questions concerning the so-called "2000 bug"-the problem of software that will recognize the year 2000 as 1900 or some other incorrect date.