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NiS A brass to bronze-yellow mineral that crystallizes in the hexagonal system and usually contains trace amounts of cobalt, copper, and iron; hardness is 3-3.5 on Mohs scale, and specific gravity is 5.5; it generally occurs in fine crystals, chiefly as nodules in clay ironstone. Also known as capillary pyrites; hair pyrites; nickel pyrites.



(named after the British crystallographer W. Miller [1801–80]), a mineral of the sulfide class; nickel sulfide, NiS, containing 64.7 percent Ni and 35.3 percent S. Millerite crystallizes in the trigonal system, forming characteristic slender brass-yellow hairlike crystals. It also forms fibrous, radiating, and other kinds of aggregates. Millerite has a hardness of 3–4 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 5,200–5,600 kg/m3. It occurs rarely in nature, usually in hydrothermal ore veins in association with other Ni and Co sulfides and arsenides, which are contained in copper-nickel ores (in Noril’sk and Monchegorsk in the USSR). Millerite is also formed during the sur-face weathering of nickel-bearing ultrabasic rocks by acidic surface waters saturated with H2S.


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After the world did not end on this date--the "Great Disappointment"--the Millerites fragmented into various groups each with its own explanation and alternative dates, as always happens in these situations.
The focus of the newspaper shifted from Millerite accounts of shared frustration to observations that both praised and criticized Shakerism.
Michigan, too, was touched by the Millerite excitement and, despite the Great Disappointment, a few of its citizens steadfastly retained their confidence in Miller's prophecies.
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A lot of Millerites had to rebuild their lives after Judgement Day didn't occur (much as the Family Radio crowd will have to), but it wasn't easy.
Like Camping's followers in 2011, the Millerites were a Christian sect who believed in a definitive 'Doomsday,' which in their case was October 22, 1844.
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He is the Abolitionist, the Anti-mason, the Millerite, the Woman Suffragist, the Spiritualist, the Mormon, of Western New York.
The South Wales Coalfield is very rich in minerals and is perhaps most famous for its gold needles of Millerite.