millimeter wave

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millimeter wave

[′mil·ə‚mēd·ər ′wāv]
An electromagnetic wave having a wavelength between 1 millimeter and 1 centimeter, corresponding to frequencies between 30 and 300 gigahertz. Also known as millimetric wave.

millimeter wave

Electromagnetic waves with a wavelength from one to 10 millimeters, which corresponds to spectrum from 30 to 300 GHz. Millimeter wave applications include communications, radar, radio astronomy and the military. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, the narrower the beam and the smaller the antennas. Radio astronomy using millimeter waves dates back to the 1960s, and military deployment began in the 1970s. The first consumer usage was radar-based vehicle collision avoidance in the 1990s. See wavelength, microwave, WiGig and WirelessHD.

FCC Sanctioned Millimeter Wave BandsFrequency RangeLicensed

   57-64 GHz  V-band     No

   76-77 GHz  Radar      No

   71-76 GHz  E-band     Yes
   81-86 GHz  E-band     Yes

   92-95 GHz  W-band     Yes
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And it's supported by Ericsson equipment, NETGEAR's device leadership and powered by the world's first announced commercial 5G NR modem with millimeter wave capability--the Qualcomm[R] Snapdragon[TM] X50 5G modem.
Continuous terahertz and millimeter wave devices, used only for imaging, are very different--and less expensive--than pulsed devices.
The T/R front-end is mainly composed of a phase locked loop frequency synthesizer and frequency multiplier link circuit, broadband radiation antenna, MMIC mixer and millimeter wave low noise amplifier.
Ihara, "Measurements of millimeter wave indoor propagation and high-speed digital transmission characteristics at 60 GHz," The 8th IEEE International Symposium, Vol.
Millimeter Waves are the highest band of radio waves and operate at a frequency range of 20-300 GHz.
To increase the field of view and pick out fine-depth features, the millimeter wave radar sensor needed to be multi-static.
Recent evaluations of active millimeter wave scanning technology in an operational setting have had positive results.
"Millimeter wave technology is one of several approaches we are pursuing to provide a complete Reveal checkpoint inspection solution."
The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has deployed millimeter wave technology at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in its new Terminal 2, which opens on 26 October 2008.
Millimeter wave technology in wireless Pan, Lan, and Man.

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