Mills College

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Mills College,

at Oakland, Calif.; for women; est. 1852 as the Young Ladies' Seminary at Benicia, Calif., moved 1871, chartered as Mills College 1885. The first women's college in the Far West, it has programs in English literature and creative writing, foreign languages and cultures, fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. It is noted for its fine arts department; other resources include the Center for Contemporary Music and the Children's School.
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Cowell Foundation, Mills College, Holy Names University, and Philippine International Aid, in addition to other positions.
The result: a gathering of hand-selected winemakers to be held at her alma mater, Mills College, on July 18.
Lemieux is studying for her bachelor's degree in sociology at Mills College in Oakland, California.
Beacons drill Mills College, 7-0, in women's soccer win
The elegant strength and endurance represented in this 160-year-old centerpiece of the Mills College campus reminds me of many of the buildings on those postcards I purchased while traveling.
In 2008, she enrolled in an electronic music MFA program at Mills College in Oakland, and devoted the next two years to re-imagining her craft primarily as a sensual call-and-response between fluted breath and a MacBook Pro.
It was this reputation that led Marion Ransome, a dean at Mills College, to favor Morgan as architect of the college's alumnae house.
Being part of online communities, political or not, exposes young people to diverse viewpoints and issues and "is related to higher levels of civic engagement," says Joe Kahne, an education professor at Mills College and author of the study.
Ahfad University for Women, Sudanese Women's Museum participated in the Young Women Speaking the Economy project which is one of the projects of the International Museum of Women in partnership with the Women's Museum and Aarhus University in Denmark; the Ayala Museum and Miriam College in the Philippines; and Mills College in the United States.
This article explores the evolution of the Mills College campus and compares it with two larger western universities: the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and Leland Stanford, Jr.
After graduating Mills College in Oakland, California, Ott studied in New York City with Moriz Rosenthal--the last living pupil of Franz Liszt--and Sascha Gorondnitzky, assistant to Russian pianists Josef and Rosina Lhevinne.