Miloš Obrenovic

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Miloš Obrenović


(or Miloš Teodorović). Born Mar. 7, 1780, in Srednja Dobrinja; died Sept. 14, 1860, in Topčider, near Belgrade. Ruling prince of Serbia from 1815 to 1839 and again from 1858 to 1860; founder of the Obrenovic dynasty.

Obrenovič took part in the First Serbian Uprising of 1804–13. After the defeat of the uprising, the Turkish authorities made him ruling prince over three districts and later prince of all Serbia. He led the Second Serbian Uprising of 1815 and gained the title of hereditary ruler of Serbia. After Turkey granted autonomy to Serbia, Miloš Obrenović became in essence Serbia’s absolute ruler. In 1839, after he was defeated by his opponents (known as the velikaši), Miloš Obrenović was forced to abdicate and leave Serbia. In 1858, after overthrowing Prince Alexander Karageorgevich, the Serbian Skupstina returned Miloš Obrenović to the throne.


Gavrilović, M. Miloš Obrenović, vols. 1–3. Belgrade, 1908–12.


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The reign of Milos Obrenovic (1817-39) marked the beginning of
The soul of this process was the absolute ruler of Serbia and leader of the Second Serbian Uprising in 1815--Prince Milos Obrenovic (reigned 1815-39; 185-960).