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Slobodan . born 1941, Serbian politician, president of Serbia (1989--97) and of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1997--2000). He supported ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1992--95) and Kosovo (1998--99). He was ousted in 2000 and brought to trial (2001) for war crimes
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"Milosevic did more than merely tolerate the crimes as a commander," Fausto Pocar, the presiding judge at the court in the Hague, said.
As he claimed victory over Milosevic, the crowd responded by chanting 'Kill him!
On March 12, the group blog Infidel Bloggers Alliance ran an item titled "Memorable moment in the Milosevic trial." It described, without further comment, an episode in which Milosevic tried to portray himself as fighting the same forces of terrorism now threatening the West.
The girls were only 9 years old when voters stormed the Parliament building and forced Milosevic from power in 2000.
"The district attorney concluded that Mr Milosevic died of natural causes and there is no indication that his death was the result of a crime," prosecutors said.
An official autopsy concluded that Milosevic had died of a heart attack.
Donald Uges said he was asked to examine the sample after Milosevic's blood pressure failed to respond to medication given by doctors at the UN detention centre near The Hague, where he was being held during his war crimes trial.
But a Dutch scientist claimed he took blood samples from Milosevic two weeks ago and found traces of drugs that cancelled out his high blood pressure pills.
He said Serbia "said all it had to say about Milosevic" when it ousted him in a 2000 uprising.
The Hague Tribunal has rejected a request by the late Slobodan Milosevic's lawyer that a Russian autopsy be conducted on the former Serbian leader, the lawyer said Saturday night.