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see Père David's deerPère David's deer
, Asian deer, Elaphurus davidianus, known only in a semidomesticated state. Also known as milu and elaphure, it has a bulky, donkeylike body, reaching a shoulder height of nearly 4 ft (120 cm), with a tufted tail longer than that of any other deer.
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But while the Shenyang council has constructed a special stage for a post-match World Cup celebration concert, Milu issues the traditional manager's warning: "There are no easy games, we cannot assume anything."
The adaptation of Milu was documented to a certain extent, it was found that the animal's behavioural rhythms changed during acclimation to the new habitat.
The word that occurred to me was "tedious." So, I did not pay much attention to how much improvement has been made to these sorts of programs in the last few years until I happened on a session at the recent East Central Writing Center Association Conference where the presenters mentioned the social and organizational dimensions of two reference management programs, Mendeley and Zotero (Milu, Elenbaas, Jackson, & Nguyen).
For the meaning of mar meli see CAD M/II 70 milu 1 3': "her voice is that (lit.: the son) of the flood." Note that "flood" (abubu, agu, milu) is a conventional metaphor for "force" (Streck 1999: 181-82).
joh kon jankun marankun mara kumira-kiramor in huran-arin rin kankun kom pamankuk kateleguk aharep rin dunhil anilu kon kuntul kon manunkul milu manilu mulat rin melem amulay wesanyatah wisesan bisu si besi bisan panhelw i sisili Hey you, jankun, you hunch, go and make a plot mixing with the unsuspecting shrimps!
According to Milu, "The dilemma facing most companies is the false impression that Going Green is complicated and expensive.
Este es un pais complicado: en el diccionario, para indicar una determinada fruta, encontramos la palabra "mela" (manzana), en Venecia la Ilaman "pomo", en Calabria "milu" en Sicilia "pumo", y en Lombardia "pomm".
CLEVER: This Arlington peat leather ottoman is also a storage trunk, pounds 609; HANGING ON: Tidy your coats with this hat stand from Milu, pounds 215 in the Maskreys sale; CUPBOARDS: Ligne Roset offer a range of different storage solutions
Milutinovic es un hombre que ya ha hecho sonar a cutro paises, aunque nunca a una nacion tan poblada como China, que espera que "Milu", el mago, saque de su chistera una nueva sorpresa, con permiso de Brasil, Costa Rica y Turquia, sus rivales en el grupo C.
El personaje entrevistado por Ariane Valadie en Mi vida de perro es un sagaz, valiente y leal foxterrier llamado Milu. Todos conocemos al inteligente companero de Tintin, pero hasta el momento nadie sabia lo que pensaba en realidad de las fascinantes aventuras en las que era embarcado.
8-Princesse Milu: Elle a foncierement decu a sa derniere sortie alors qu'elle restait sur une belle victoire sur 1600 Metres, presentee dans la plenitude de ses moyens, elle peut venir troubler l'arrivee a belle cote pour peu qu'elle arrive a gerer sa valse de jockey.