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(also Stefan Uros II). Date of birth unknown; died Oct. 29, 1321. Serbian king whose reign began in 1282; member of the Nemanja dynasty.

Supported by the church, Milutin significantly strengthened central authority and beginning in 1282 waged a successful war against Byzantium. The war’s outcome was affirmed by the peace of 1299 and by Milutin’s marriage to the daughter of the Byzantine emperor. One result of the war was Serbia’s annexation of most of Macedonia, including Skopje, as well as Vidin and other territories.


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File- Micho CAIRO -- 5 August 2019: Zamalek Serbian manager, Milutin Sredojevic known as Micho, revealed on Wednesday that he had received an offer from Al-Ahly but he decided at the end to accept an offer from Al-Ahly rivals, Zamalek.
For its rival Zamalek, the White Knight contracted the Serbian coach Milutin Sredojeviyc, simply known as Micho, for one season with a salary of $70,000 per month and $30,000 for his three aides.
Despite not having won any of their ten away European games so far, the Montenegrins are brimming with confidence, with their striker Milutin Osmajic saying: "We have worked hard this week and even though Apoel are a strong team we shall put the disappointment of the first leg result behind us and try to return to Montenegro with the qualification".
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He stated that the Prosecutor's Office of BiH failed to prove that Oric and Muhic had killed prisoners of war: Slobodan Ilic, Mitar Savic and Milutin MiloA!evic.
Milutin Milankovitch, a Serbian mechanical engineer with no background in celestial mechanics, spent 20 years calculating, with pencil and slide rule, shifts in the earth's orbit that likely explain ice ages.
The theories of Milutin Milankovitch have long been used to describe Earth's periodic shifts between ice ages and warm periods, with the explanation focusing on Earth's long-term orbital oscillations and their influence on the amount of solar radiation reaching the Arctic in summertime.
These are known as Milankovitch Cycles, named after Serbian astronomer, geophysicist, and mathematician Milutin Milankovic (1879-1958).