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The pulpit in a mosque.
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This infinite algorithm spreads over a pair of engraved rosewood mimbar doors from 13th century Egypt.
New organizations such as Lekra (Lembaga Kebudajaan Rakjat, Institute of People's Culture) and journals such as Mimbar Indonesia addressed questions about how to give cultural content to sovereignty and how to reconcile a deeply felt desire for progress and modernity with cultural artefacts and practices inherited from the colonial past.
As he led us through the place, showing us all the things we'd read about in our textbook (the wall that faced Mecca and the mimbar from which the khatib delivered the khutbah), I thought about how most Muslims in America were like him, and how most of the people who came to worship here were probably like him, and how I had nothing against people like him.
He said that the film has been screened in Egypt International Film Festival, Kazakhstan Golden Mimbar Film Festival, Saupaulo Film Fest in Brazil, and also in Moscow, America, Italy, and other countries around the globe.
The niches varied and include the Al-Rawdah niche, which is on the left of the Mimbar; the Othmani niche on the eastern wall of the mosque from where the imam leads the prayer now; Al-Suleimani niche, which was known as the Hanafi niche to the left of the Mimbar; Fatima's niche, to the south of the night prayer niche inside the honorable room, and Sheikh Al-Haram niche, to the back of Dakat Al-Aghwath.
There are also news which were told by his companions regarding matters which are not accepted from the Prophet but the Prophet attestifies the news as in the incident of the meeting of Dajj'al as told by Tami-m al-Dar-iy to the Prophet, and the Prophet after his dawn prayers sits on the mimbar and tells the story to his companions of what he heard from Tami-m al-D-ar-iy and further attestifies to it.
"Konfigurasi Politik Hukum Islam di Indonesia," Mimbar Studi 22 (2).
The first reaction came from a Balinese member of the national parliament in Jakarta, Ida Bagus Putera Manuaba, who questioned the legal bases of the KAGRI's conditions, while reminding his Muslim opponents that the Agama Hindu Bali was not a new religion but went back to Sriwijaya and Majapahit, and thus had been present in Indonesia centuries before Islam took hold over the archipelago (Mimbar Indonesia, 10-7-1952).