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mind reading:

see parapsychologyparapsychology,
study of mental phenomena not explainable by accepted principles of science. The organized, scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena began with the foundation (1882) of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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; telepathytelepathy,
supposed communication between two persons without recourse to the senses. The word was formulated in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers, English poet, essayist, and a leading founder of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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The May/June 2001 Humanist carried an article, "The Science of Reading Minds," in which its author Bruce Hinrichs states in part: "Contemporary brain-imaging techniques are even now verging on having mind-reading capabilities." We believe this article gives a misleading impression and would like to offer a more realistic assessment of the facts.
Thus, stage one shares RBM's interest in authors and their audiences and how they connect through mind-reading. Stage one also shares RBM's interest in reasoning back from effects felt by audiences (cognitive, affective, ethical, psychological, and so on) to their causes (a method with roots in Aristotle's Poetics).
Finn, eight, who goes to Scapegoat Hill School, raised the money by ding magic tricks and "mind-reading" games with family and friends over Christmas and the New Year.
Recognizing the Common Core's theoretical weakness, we took mind-reading (or, as it is also known, Theory of Mind [ToM]) as the foundation for our pedagogy.
(Hearing this, I began to wonder whether her clients were papering their walls with tinfoil to keep out the mind-reading microwaves of the Chewy Bubble Gum People.)
Following the interval, the mood of the show changed completely as Derren showcased some of the jaw-dropping tricks used by the early 20th century mediums - including a mind-reading stunt called The Oracle which ad me wondering how he did it all the way home.
Matt (Greg Grunberg) puts his mind-reading skills to good use in a bid to improve his marriage.
Meanwhile, Claire takes revenge on school quarterback Brody after their tragic date, and two men who claim to be experts test Matt's mind-reading abilities.
Meanwhile, our radioactive man, who goes by the very unheroic name of Ted, discovers a strange connection with Matt the mind-reading policeman.
But what if such mind-reading screens became as common as the mobile phone?
Instead it is full of punters who have paid good money for an astonishing night of mind-reading and mystery which, now that his tour is over, you can watch at home for free.
A "MIND-reading" security scanner that screens the person, rather than their bags, is being tested in the US.