Mine Gallery

Gallery, Mine


in military affairs an artificial underground shaft (corridor) of small cross-section (1 by 1.5-2 m) that secretly leads to the fortifications or dispositions of the enemy. Mine galleries were built during attacks on fortresses and during the conduct of underground mine warfare, in order to destroy fortifications by exploding powerful mines. Mine galleries (one or several) were laid out in one or two tiers. The Russian Army made wide use of mine galleries between the 16th and 18th centuries, during the siege of Kazan in 1552, Bendery in 1770, Silistra in 1829, and elsewhere. They were used on a limited scale by various armies during the positional-warfare period of World War I (1914— 18) and very rarely during World War II (1939-45).

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Additionally, his work has been showcased in Qatar at Katara and Doha Fire Station, in Dubai at Design Days and The Mine Gallery, and in Abu Dhabi at Zayed University Middle East Film Festival.
He didnt hesitate to stand in the middle of the mine gallery as the truck approached him.
Torbjorn Holmstrom, said he wanted to show how safe the truck is, and was confident enough in the truck that he didn't hesitate to stand in the middle of the mine gallery as the truck approached him.
Five months after the Soma tragedy of May 2014, in which 301 miners were killed by an explosion below ground, 18 mine workers died due to flooding in a mine gallery in the central Anatolian town of Ermenek.
The duo flew into town for the first time to exhibit their latest work at The Mine gallery in Al Quoz area.
A digital photography of the underground mine gallery is shown in Fig.
Table 1 gives statistics relative to this parameter inside the gold mine gallery.
Hence, in the undertaken mine gallery, the path loss at a distance d is expressed as [14]:
Moreover, the statistical parameters of the pathloss in the undertaken mine gallery were calculated and results are given in Table 2.
Indeed, large scale analysis demonstrated that the pathloss exponent inside the mine gallery is close to the free space value.
1) Roger Cantrell takes a picture of a pair of ceramic shoes - one of about 65 student-crafted artifacts at the North Hollywood High student ceramic art show being held at the Color Me Mine gallery until July 15.